Our Mission

Our mission is to use distinctive visual storytelling as a means of communicating with our world about opportunity, hope, and awareness. At Birds Eye of Big Sky, we are dedicated to creating high-production media content, with the intention of giving others the power to see differently through the art of visuals and storytelling with photo and video- occasionally beyond the visible spectrum. We provide our community with knowledge about safe and intelligent use of drones, while also sharing and bridging the resources we have applied from the film industry to our community. We provide drone education, industry familiarization, and drone services such as video and photo production (ground and aerial videography and aerial photography), Survey-grade GIS Mapping, Construction site monitoring, Inspections, Roof Reports, Agricultural Health Reports, and digital 3D models at a welcoming price. 

We technically specialize in unmanned aircraft and use them to fly with mindfulness, situational awareness, and artistic creativity. With five years of experience in this industry, we have expanded ourselves to provide a variety of services that specifically benefit the economical growth of our community through the film, construction, real estate, and marketing industries. The excitement we have for UAS technology has pushed our team to expand their knowledge base alongside these ever evolving industries. There are many applications for drone technology, and we appreciate the opportunity to familiarize you with our services.

Raise the standards. See differently.



FAA standards have pushed our pilots to fine-tune their skills in order to complete unique cinematic maneuvers and highly technical flights. Birds Eye of Big Sky received their Schedule 333 FAA Exemption early in 2015, which has encouraged our company to comply with particular FAA flight protocol, such as having a manned aircraft pilot as our head drone pilot. With the recent changes in regulations, our pilots have also received their Part 107 sUAS Certification. Our company implements systematic decision making techniques, which is recognized as Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) by the FAA. When tested by the FAA, the pilots who had received ADM training made fewer in-flight errors than those who had not received ADM training. Click here to learn more about our flight techniques: Pilot EQ. Ultimately, we can guarantee a higher level of safety, cost effectiveness, and efficiency with our exemplary understanding and experience that is incomparable by other companies. 


BBC, HBO, PBS, CNN Heroes, NBC Sports, National Geographic Channel, HGTV, University of Montana, AlgaeAqua Culture Technologies, Glacier Sotheby's International, Pure West Christies International Luxury Real Estate, Elements Mixed Media, Montana Tourism Department, Flying Dragon Aerial, Quadrocopter.com, among others.


Whether you are a feature film maker seeking the special shots that will amaze your audience, an industrial leader in search of geo-spacial mapping solutions and data, or a realtor looking to maximize the marketability of your latest listing,  your entire experience with Birds Eye of Big Sky will be efficient, enjoyable and rewarding.



We have flown our drones and camera equipment for discriminating clients including film production companies, real estate investors, extreme athletes, event promoters, well-known television networks, large construction companies, various government agencies and others who seek the optimal visual capture in the most challenging locations. Over the past four years, these experiences have formed us into more of a production house in which we cater to a variety of video and photo needs of various industries. Drone Videography and Photography, Video Production Services, Premium Real Estate Marketing, Innovative Data Collection, and UAS Technology Integration and UAS Pilot EQ Coaching.


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Our services include, yet are not limited to: