Women And Drones

Our principal manager, pilot, cinematographer, and digital editing specialist Danielle de Leon has  a degree in Psychology and minor in Photography, and has applied her education to enhancing our team's cunning skill. Challenging herself daily to log more flight time, she has evolved into a talented UAV pilot which inspired the creation of a UAS training program that involves Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) techniques developed by the FAA, coupled with mindfulness practices utilized by modern mental health professionals to improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

While only 4% of certified drone pilots are women, there is certainly room in the industry for feminine creativity and passion.  Danielle see's the power of utilizing technology to capture beauty, emotion and mental clarity. There is something about navigating the skies and gaining aerial perspective that better connects you with the world around and within you.

From her childhood in the San Francisco bay area to her adulthood in northwest Montana, Danielle has been surrounded by spectacular scenery and natural beauty, gaining a unique appreciation of visual splendors and aesthetic standard. Danielle possesses a wealth of knowledge in the areas of photographic knowledge, and training on unmanned aerial systems. An avid sportswoman, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and is training to become a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT). This combination of knowledge and athleticism has molded this modern outdoors woman into a mindful photographer, videographer, and coach who is eager to share her experience with others. 

Danielle takes the Phantom 3 Professional out for it's maiden voyage.

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