Life Is Like Flying A Drone....

It seems like life is a series of solutions that need to be implemented, all of which lie on a spectrum of intensity ranging from mundane dish duty to complex relationship dynamics at home or work. I try to make the best decisions, as in, I try to take the most efficient action out of the dozens of options and choices I could possibly make- hoping to learn from the times my actions [or lack of action] didn't have their intended effect. Especially when I'm flying over water....

In life, we don't always get an immediate response to the things we do. Have you ever heard the sang, "Hindsight 20/20"? Sometimes it can take years to see how our choices effect our future selves...

FORTUNATELY, when flying a drone, we do get a MUCH quicker response to our inputs (what pilots call the connection between the sticks on the controller and the maneuvering of the aircraft). Just like when I'm stressed by the array of 'to-do's in my life, I still feel the same spectrum of stress when I'm flying my drone, and there are still dozens of flight patterns, routes, and variables I need to be aware of during my flight. Flying my drone is just like adulting in life: I am looking for the most efficient flight plan to accomplish my goals, and my battery levels add a limited timeline. 

Sometimes, I'm racing as fast as I can to the next checkmark without hitting all the obstacles surrounding it. Other times, I'm strategically tracking a shot with gentle and consistent inputs. Regardless, there's no point in flying just to fly- there is always an intent for exerting my personal energy and that of the battery powering my drone. It may be to test connections, to practice, to appreciate sights from a new angle, or even to race and press my skills to their maximum; but launching a drone to stare at the equipment is just as fun as living life without any direction or long-term intent and goals in sight. Life is meant to be lived like aircrafts are meant to be flown! Once we're doing it, it's just a matter of being mindful, practicing, and having fun!

- Danielle de Leon, Managing Member, Head Videographer, and UAS Pilot at Birds Eye of Big Sky

“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.”
— Thomas Merton
Flathead River Sunset
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Summer sunset over Flathead River near Old Steel Bridge in August 2017

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