AMA Requests Holding off On Model Aircraft Registration


On Wednesday, December 16 the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) Executive Council unanimously approved an action plan to relieve and further protect their members from "unnecessary and burdensome regulations."


AMA suggested members to hold off on registering their model aircraft with the FAA until advised by the AMA or until February 19, the FAA’s legal deadline for registering.

  1. Holding off on registration will allow AMA time to fully consider all possible options. 
  2. On a parallel track, it also allows AMA to complete ongoing conversations with the FAA about how best to streamline the registration process for our members.
While we continue to believe that registration makes sense at some threshold and for flyers operating outside of a community-based organization or flying for commercial purposes, we also strongly believe our members are not the problem and should not have to bear the burden of additional regulations. Safety has been the cornerstone of our organization for 80 years and AMA’s members strive to be a part of the solution.
— AMA Blog
  • AMA’s safety program currently instructs all members to place his or her AMA number or name and address on or within their model aircraft, effectively accomplishing the safety and accountability objectives of the interim rule.
  • AMA argued that the new registration rule runs counter to Congress’ intent in Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, otherwise known as the “Special Rule for Model Aircraft.”

FAA simply wants to maintain safety within the airspace as we deal with the explosion of consumer drones taking flight. Considering current AMA member requirements effectively accomplish the safety and accountability objectives of the new FAA registration requirements,

Should AMA members be exempt from the FAA model aircraft registration process?

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Keep checking back for more information as this all evolves!