UAS Pilot Coaching

As manned-aircraft pilots and multi-rotor specialists, we understand the invaluable necessity of safety and logical risk assessment. A pilot's confidence with his multi-rotor will effect how well stress is managed, and can assure that flight decisions are made with more effortlessness. Our Pilot EQ training curriculum teaches proper Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) techniques that are encouraged by the FAA, and our flight coaches provide tips, industry guidance, and teach mindful habits to shorten the learning curve so you can focus on the enjoyment of flying more quickly than self-taught methods. 


Hands-on UAS ADM flight Coaching

Traditionally, our UAS familiarization courses took a close look at the Freefly Systems ALTA to help interface piloting technique with real world circumstances in a commercial setting. As drones have become so accessible in the consumer market (being found at retail stores such as Target and Cabela's), we have just recently opened our knowledge base to amateur pilots. Whether you are flying REDs and high-performance DSLRs, or Phantom 4 and Yuneec and Blade FPV racers, we are here to coach you on the most efficient flight practices and FAA standards to be a safe pilot and properly represent our industry. We work closely with our students to build confidence and situational awareness, so that they can more effectively prevent and handle any unexpected circumstances that may come up while flying for work or for enjoyment. 


Detailed guidance on airspace regulation, equipment management, and risk assessment


Our goal is to familiarize our students with the variety of components and skill necessary to safely fly - from around in the backyard to a larger, high-performance camera in a professional commercial film set or survey site. These courses are designed to guide you through the maintenance, components, and regulations on hobbyist and commercial UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) flight. Flight technology has evolved to a point of efficiency that is incomparable to any other time in history, and we are excited to get you involved in this new industry. From transmitter familiarization and battery management, to compass calibration and preflight procedures, this class will have you feeling more assured in your flight practices than ever before. Our instructors have vast experience with this technology in a variety of settings, and provide a great resource for information on flight strategy and industry understanding. 


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