Dedolight DLH4P Spotlight Kit - 2 Lights


Dedolight DLH4P Spotlight Kit - 2 Lights

from 85.00

Rental includes (2) Dedolight 150w Tungsten Lights, each with:

  • Dedolight 150w Barn Doors

  • Dedolight AC Adapter/Dimmer

  • Dedolight 150w Double Half Scrim

  • Dedolight 150w Double Scrim

  • Dedolight 150w Graduated Scrim

  • Dedolight 150w Single Half Scrim

  • Dedolight 150w Single Scrim

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The Dedolight is a durable 150w halogen fixture that has a built in transformer dimmer and color balanced to 3000K. The optical system of the Dedolight surpasses the traditional concept of studio lights with fresnel lenses. The Dedolight optical system employs two lenses - neither of which is a fresnel. The second lens pre-collects the light, directing it to the front lens and minimizing light loss. This produces unprecedented focusing range and light efficiency, especially in the spot position.