UAS Technology integration

With the swift evolution UAS technology, it's implementation has been wide-spread. It is our pleasure to educate the public about the various opportunities for UAS technology in established industries such as film, construction, agriculture, public services (ie., search and rescue, fire fighting, police department), real estate, journalism, and many, many more. Contact us to schedule a presentation from our team about the direct benefits your school or business can receive from understanding how to apply this equipment into their work field or skill set.


Industry familiarization

As educators ourselves, we want to inform students, teachers, and researchers about the deployment and application of UAS technology, in order to develop bases for research and implementation. We discuss and familiarize regulation, policy, and procedures concerning UAS operations to build a better understanding of how efficient the use of this technology can make our world a better place. 

business integration

If you are interested in keeping your business and brand on the leading-edge, integrating UAS technology can bring brand notoriety and increased ROI through work efficiency. Drones are newly being used and relied on in the construction, agriculture, insurance claim, offshore oil/gas and refining, police, fire, search and rescue, journalism, real estate, mining, and film industries (along with a handful of others). It's our pleasure to introduce these new opportunities UAS' can offer your team and business.


hosting Drone races

Do you have a location ideal for hosing FPV drone races? Perhaps you see the thrills or being involved in these events and want to get involved. Contact us about any opportunities with FPV drone racing in the Northwest Montana area- from FPV drone race pilots, to location options, sponsorships, or event hosting, we look forward to connecting! 

trade show involvement/speaking

We use flight simulators and mindful pilot coaching tips to engage the public in a wonderfully interactive way and get others curious about the vast opportunities with UAS technology. Tell us about your event and engage your audience with an exciting experience through mindful flight.