Gear We Fly

Our team can assure reliable and safe flight while having a whole lot of fun flying at the same time by using this industries leading-edge technology. We learned early that a key ingredient to unforgettable shots is the ability to move the camera dynamically. Freefly Systems has been leading the industry in camera movement for over a decade, and we are happy to apply these tools to benefiting your company.


Freefly Systems
ALTA 8 and ALTA 6 multi-rotor
with Movi m15 and m5 stabilizing gimbals

A key ingredient to unforgettable shots is dynamic camera movement, and our birds provide just that. The Freefly Systems ALTA 6 and 8 UAS unfolds and is ready to shoot in under five minutes. It is easy to fly, making this system extremely reliable and adaptable, yet absolutely remains a powerful and rigid system that is optimized for up to 15-pound camera packages. Confidently fly RED, ARRI and other professional DSLR cameras with these drone. Capture cinematic aerial shots like none other with the option to mount the MōVI on top!

inspire 2 X5R, inspire pro x5, Phantom 4 PRO

Our light lift UAS fleet are most ideal for adventurous environments and narrow surroundings (even indoors). The Inspire 2 features a 5.2K RAW camera, Apple ProRes, obstacle avoidance, and helpful redundancy systems that enable us to push the boundaries with dynamic aerial cinema. With our Phantom 4 Pro clocking a nearly 30 minute flight time, and carrying a camera that can shoot 4K video at up to 60 frames per second and still images at up to 20 megapixels, it may be our smallest unit but still holds a lot of power!




5D Mark IV